Track and Monitor Your Online Ads Links to see:

Ip Address of Visitor
Capture Each Visitors IP (Internet Protocol) Address
Date and Time of Visit
View Actual Date and Time Visitor clicked on tracking link
Country Region & City of Visitor
Capture Geographical Information Including Country, Region and City
Visitor Operating System
Capture the OS (Operating System) of User such as PC or Mac
Web Browser and Version
Capture Vistor Internet Browser and Browser Version
PC / Mac or Mobile
View which visitors are using PC or MAC computers or a mobile device or tablet

VisitsLog is Perfect to Track:

SEM campaigns
Track and Verify Google Adwords or Microsoft Bing traffic
Email Campaigns
Add Tracking Links to Email Campagins to Verify User Geotarget of Email Lists
Banner ad campaigns
Verify and Track Visits from Online Banner Ad Campagins
Social Media Posts
Track visitor traffic from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
Website Recirculation Links
Track visitors from links within your website or links on your partner sites
Affiliate Links
Add Affiliate Links to Verify and Monitor the Affiliate Network Traffic

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